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Congresswoman Adams Releases Statement on Deportation Status of Pedro Salmeron

Jul 28, 2016
Press Release

CHARLOTTE, NC — Congresswoman Alma S. Adams released a statement regarding the deportation status of Pedro Salmeron, North Carolina youth and ICE Detainee.

“Since learning that Pedro Salmeron's deportation appeal was denied; my staff has been in contact with ICE and DHS officials. We have been steadfast in our advocacy of Pedro’s case and his release. We will continue to monitor this situation and do everything that our office is allowed to do pursuant to the law to help Pedro.

This is a painful reminder of the need to fix our broken immigration system. Pedro is not a threat to public safety. He came to this country hoping for a better and a safer life. We as a nation of immigrants are better than this, and you can rest assured that I will continue to stand with Pedro and his family.”


Congresswoman Adams since February, 2016 has strongly advocated for the release of Pedro Salmeron, Alexander Josue Soriano-Cortez,  and Yefri Sorto-Hernandez; all North Carolina residents. Congresswoman Adams, along with her colleagues in Congress are strongly advocating for reform in immigration in areas like the enforcement tactics imposed by ICE where communities and families are impacted negatively by their authority.