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Congresswoman Alma Adams

Representing the 12th District of North Carolina


Adams’ Announces ‘No’ Votes on Republican Immigration Measures

Jun 21, 2018
Press Release

Washington, D.C.—Today, Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC) released the following statement on House Republican’s proposed immigration bills.


“America’s Immigration system is in shambles,” said Congresswoman Adams.  “Members on both sides of aisle have called for a bipartisan solution to this crisis.  Yet, Speaker Ryan refuses. Instead he recklessly rushed two hyper-partisan bills to the floor without hearings or debate.  What the House is voting on today disregards the concerns of the 12th District and thousands of others whose representatives were left out of this process.” 


“The result is two bills that fall short.  Both the Goodlatte and Ryan bills place unreasonable burdens on DREAMers, they fail to reunify the thousands of families that have been ripped apart by President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy, and they decrease legal immigration and asylum in order to pay for a wall that does not address border security.  That is unconscionable and I cannot support these bills.”


“Today’s votes are a sad display of Congressional Republicans' continued compliance with this President’s hate-filled agenda.  From the President’s divisive campaign rhetoric, to his cabinet and judicial selections, to his comments on Charlottesville, to his unconstitutional travel ban, to his tragic “s-hole” comments, to his zero-tolerance policy, he continues to move us in a dangerous direction.   It is time for Congress to stand up, speak out, and finally hold this administration accountable.”